ICEBERG Pain Relieving Gel is a safe and effective treatment for pain management. It is a topical analgesic gel that uses a cold therapy treatment method to effectively relieve pain. The natural and therapeutic ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to provide long-lasting pain relief from a variety of physical ailments. It helps to calm inflammation of joints, muscles and damaged tissue while also alleviating minor aches and pains.

ICEBERG has been formulated in our own lab by our own internationally renowned chemist who has developed and formulated many well-known products in the healthcare and skin care industries. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare, rehabilitation and fitness experts, we have utilized the most advance ingredients and botanical extracts for effective pain therapy.

Whether you are a professional or novice athlete, suffer from arthritis, or just need to massage sore muscles, ICEBERG is the product for you. It will soothe and relieve muscle and joint pain and leave you feeling relaxed and pain free.

Available in 3 convenient sizes

  • 2 oz Tube
  • 3 oz Roll-On
  • 4 oz Tube